Saturday, March 1, 2008

Six Word Memoir Challenge

Ok, this is an interim post: a post between posts, if you will. I've been "tagged" by Poet Hound. The tag is entitled "Six Word Memoir Challenge," details of which may be found at the World Class Poetry blog.

In response to the tag, here's my Six Word Memoir:

Single cherry petal,
settling down, down ...

I suppose the ellipsis is, in a sense, cheating, but, hey, I'm not dead yet! Sticking by the rules I'm going to pass the tag on: Ed Coletti, David Giacalone of f/k/a, M. Kei, and LAV of Library Alchemy.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program.


1 comment:

Evan Bend said...

Hi Don,

I heard about the Six word Memoir Challenge on NPR and thought of you. I haven't tried my hand at a life memoir yet, but the current political climate has me thinking along the lines of

change hope spin
anger depression denial

I don't anticipate reaching acceptance any time soon.

I'm enjoying the blog and the Lilliputs! Thanks. Email and pictures soon...