Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cherry Blossoms by Issa

Issa Self-Portrait

This morning's Issa poem from David Lanoue's Issa Archive hits the perfect seasonal note as the cherry blossoms here in Western Pennsylvania begin to wane:

cherry blossoms--
under every tree
a Buddha on display

Ah, yes, a reminder of everything at once, all in three short lines. I subscribe to a service from David's site that delivers a Issa poem every morning. It can be a very pleasant way to begin the day.

I've got an extra post planned this week to supplement the regular Thursday morning post, which already has quite a bit of interesting news queued to go. The extra post will be about near perfect volume's of poems, in response to Jeffrey's comments on the last two posts here at the Hut. More about that soon.


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