Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Building a Butterfly

Cover by Bobo

A couple of miscellaneous notes this morning and some samples from a featured back issue of Lilliput Review. First, a call for poems from one of my long-time favorite small press publications, Chiron Review:


The editors of CHIRON REVIEW are reading submissions for
an "All Punk Poetry" issue to be published Dec. 2009. Poetry,
fiction, b/w line art, comics/cartoons, photos, nonfiction,
whatever should be sent via snailmail with self-addressed,
stamped envelope for reply/return to: Chiron Review, Attn:
PUNK, 522 E. South Ave., St. John, KS 67576. Name and
complete mailing address should appear on every poem,
story, etc. Deadline: Sept. 1, 2009. Material is copyrighted in
author's/artist's name. Payment: one contributor's copy with
50% discount on additional copies. If anyone wants to help
spread the word, just copy & paste this in an e-mail. We will
forward a flier for posting to anyone who asks:

Chiron Review is open for submissions year-round. Postal
submissions with name, complete mailing address (on every
poem), and SASE are welcome at Chiron Review, 522 E.
South Ave., St. John, KS 67576-2212. Writers are invited to
send up to 5 poems, 1 long poem, or 1 short-story. We're also
open to reviews, interviews, black and white art and photography,
and essays of interest to writers and the small press literary
community. We ask writers to limit submissions to four times a
year or less. We do not consider simultaneous or previously
published submissions; nor do we consider e-mail submissions
though exception is made for book reviews and foreign/overseas
submissions. CR copyrights in author's name, all rights revert to
author upon publication. Pay is one contributor's copy.
We would like to exchange subscriptions with other magazines
and receive review copies of small press books and magazines
for review and listing in my "News, Etc." column. They can be
sent to the address above.

Subscriptions and donations are welcome. A one-year/four issue
subscription is $17. The "Triple S" discount is offered Seniors,
Students and Starving Artists. Don't be afraid to ask. And of
course, those who are able and wish to provide more support
than $17 a year are most welcome to do so. Subscribers may
send cash, check or money order to the address below or we
can accept payment via Paypal:
The Personal Publishing Program under Kindred Spirit Press
imprint is available to poets and writers interested in self-
publishing. Through arrangements with a highly specialized
printer, I can offer small press runs for reasonable prices.
These prices include professional typesetting, printing and
shipping. Click on the Kindred Spirit Press button below for
more info.

Chiron Review presents the widest possible range of
contemporary creative writing -- fiction and non-fiction,
traditional and off-beat -- in an attractive, professional tabloid
format, including artwork and photographs of featured writers.
About a quarter of each issue is devoted to news, views and
reviews of interest to writers and the literary community.

Past contributors include Charles Bukowski, William Stafford,
Marge Piercy, Wilma McDaniel, Edward Field, Antler, Robert
Peters, Leslea Newman, Erskine Caldwell, Janice Eidus, Felice
Picano, Will Inman, Richard Kostelanetz, Lorri Jackson, James
Broughton, Charles Webb, Quentin Crisp & a host of others,
well-known and new.

Most recent Issue: $7.00.
Sample copy/back issues: $7.00 ea.
Send all correspondence to :
Contact Info

Chiron Review, 522 E. South Ave., St. John, KS 67576


Next, two more entire back issues are up online for free. Here's #159

And here is #157:

The purpose for putting up entire issues for free is to give poets a better idea of what the magazine is about and what types of poems are published there. Also, entire issues simply better represent the magazine as it is. Finally, it also helps those who'd prefer not going through the process of sending for (& possibly may not be able to afford) a sample copy. Issues #'s 160 and 161 may be found in this previous post.

Oh, and then there is the enjoyment for of reading poetry in its natural habitat for those who do that sort of thing. Failing that, there is usually some nifty art, by the likes of Wayne Hogan and Guy Beining, for the visually inclined.

I don't expect to be doing this as an ongoing project or archiving the entire run online (but it is an interesting thought, no) but I will now and again put up an issue when time and inclination allow. I'm also hedging against the eventual conversion of the back issue archive in the transition from google pages to google sites to something possibly untoward.

More about untoward in a bit.

This week's featured back issue is #28, from February 1992, and it seems to have a thing for butterflies.

Ars Poetica
Forging a poem is
Like nothing so much as
Building a butterfly
Of bronze.
Patricia Higginbotham

Surgical teams
Pinned her
Monarch glands
To a mythical cure
And she steeped out
Of her body
With scissors and rose.
Patrick Sweeney

prayer flags

battle flags

no difference
to the wind
Charlie Mehrhoff

Finally, the happy coincidence of Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Harlan Ellison all being born on the same day is just too good to pass without noting. Here's a trailer from one of the films Lee and Price starred in together, a tad less garish than the Scream and Scream Again trailer, another of their joint efforts (and we arrive conveniently back at untoward - faint-hearted viewers beware).

on the flower pot
does the butterfly, too
hear Buddha's promise?
translated by David Lanoue



John Grochalski said...

Chiron is a great mag. i'm going to be in there soon, which means they must've lowered their standards a little bit. that said, Gerald Lockin, one of my favorites, is their poetry editor along with his son Zachary.

Anonymous said...

Chiron's been around awhile.. I forget her name Jane "something"!
I think she's dead well yes on the site as founder

and that press that they now have sounds like a
marriage between how-it-was and how-it-is...

real specs! and via snail mail real mss for them to "set " type!

geeze they could do a Stone Girl book!

black and white and read all over?

back to your today's let's see did you know Vincent Price was REALLY into art? and Lee what fun!

ever see Price's Pit and Pen-dull-lum?

that 3-d one... House of Wax..


zipping right along:

in your Lillie's:

that little poem the ink being his tears Charle M again... terrific


seems you need to publish a little JM...

of view


Full Moon!

my name
fr you
the write