Saturday, July 11, 2009

"No Moon Tomorrow"

Telephone service and internet are currently down at Lilliput central and will be down at least through Tuesday.

Don't ask.

So, no Issa's Sunday Service this week. I'm shooting for the usual Wednesday post, a review of the "new" collection of Rexroth translations, but that may be being a little too optimistic.

Hopefully, more soon.

no moon tomorrow
in this famous resort...
evening rain
translation by David Lanoue



Charles Gramlich said...

Since you didn't say why, I'm free to make up my own explanation. I figure there's a terrorist group out there bent on destroying the world's haiku treasures in order to hasten the fall of the civilized world. You're under both cyber and physical attack from this group but are bravely defending with salvos from your famous .575 mm rifle.

Ed Baker said...

full moon
just like
the old days:

to the silence
grow so large

How Pleasant!

(maybe next time just pay your electric bill)

Ed Baker said...

hile your service is down let's


go rent or otherwise get this movie:

it's on now... a film started in 1932 and done in 2006

and, hey

just like this "kid" did as a cartoon

we used to do.... go into Griffith Stadium
when there was no game and run the bases go all over the stadium into the dug-out into the broad-cast booth, into the locker-rooms

usually some workers where around and didn't mind and sometimes a player or 4 would be there practicing

and would throw us a pitch or throw us a ground ball..

hey this is a cute movie

I remeber that one day Bobbie MacDonald actually stole second base THE ACTUAL BASE!

just unbuckled it...

"I'm gonna tell."

so he threw the base into the visitor's dug out on our way out.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Charles, thanks for holding down the fort!

Ed, where would we be without the full moon ... well, not here, eh

He really actually stole second base?

My service is back up after 5 days. Bad wire on the pole. I read a nice chuck of Walden to keep things in perspective. Don't know if I'll get a post up tomorrow but we'll see, we'll see ...


Ed Baker said...

yeah he did steal second base... but never took it out of the stadium

Bobbie was NUTZ!

in 1952
he was / is the guy who throught the cat out of the Washington Monuement window! He was the reason that they put glass i front of thos bars!

Once, he and I and Winfred Owens took some boxes of Ivory Flakes up to Columbus Fountain where we used to "swim"

that's the fountain in front of Union Station

and at the top part of the fountain and
dumped 4 or so boxes of the flakes (the large boxes) into the water

The ensuing suds flooded the fountain and ran out into the street

last I heard of Bobbie McDonald was that he was in The National Training School for boys over in SE, D.C.

this was whe I was about 10 Bobbie was a cpl years older...

Ed Baker said... Plan/18.jpg

we used to swim /play in this fountain

here the water isn't running and spilling over from the boat
into the top pool into the lower pool

Union Station was a neat place to play in...

remeber when the train came through the station into the lobby landed on the cneter news stand... luckily the lady cashier had just left to go to the bathroom...

the train came all the way into the main concourse...

now... the pit is a food court and over priced and mostly fried-greasy jubnk food...

Ed Baker said...

heck every thing is now on the net!

click the little pictures my "gang" of kids went up with our Kodak Brownie Hawkeyes and took pictures we were right up close near the rope we got there before they closed that area of the station...
my Uncle Robbie was a conductor on that D.C.-New Haven run...and the D.C. NYC run

we always went on runs to NY when he was working so we'd travel free and frequently to The City

he was almost on this run but stayed in New Haven to "see" his "girl-friend" who my Aunt, Ruthie" never met or she wold have murdered the both-of-em! She was Bronx.... 100 %