Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vida and Bill Killen: Wednesday Haiku, Week 46

gardenia's aroma
I breathe in pieces
of its memory

in morning light
the web glistens with dew
one entangled gnat

             Bill Killen

Photo by Mary K. Baird

on the moonlit spider web
an evening
translated by David G. Lanoue


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Charles Gramlich said...

We've got a bunch of spider webs in our front yard and when the dew is on them they are such amazing works of art.

Alan Summers said...

Congratulations Vida, and a big hello to Bill too. ;-)


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Thanks, Charles and Alan ...

TC said...

Three beautiful, delicate small poems, caught up here like water droplets in a glistening web.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Yes, Tom, so much in so few words! 3 fine poets ...