Tuesday, April 14, 2009

200 Near Perfect Books of Poetry

Back in August of last year, the Near Perfect Books of Poetry hit 100. 8 months later, another milestone has been achieved: 200 near perfect books of poetry.

The list has gradually grown, reader by reader, over that time. During the past 8 months, I've offered free copies of the current two issues to new readers (and a two-issue extension to subscribers) for accepted suggestions for the list. And, so, 8 months later, here we are. You may find the list at the Lilliput Review homepage at:

And the list will continue. The two-free issue offer still stands. Details may be found at the above link. My most sincere thanks to all who have made suggestions and I'll look forward to more in the coming weeks and months.

a long day--
his account book serves
as a pillow
Translated by David Lanoue



Ed Baker said...


sheer de light as is/are
Nanao's trans'ions and caligraphy

here are two:

Hitootoru Kinoko Hatashite Utsukushiki

(all on a single line...a single breath)

Nanao's trans.

The Aminita muscaria
can kill you -
Sure, what a beauty!

(this mushroom is The Magic Mushroom... SOMA


Spiders in the corner
Don't worry!
I won't sweep your house

and the Brandi/Sakaki interview at end is "priceless"


Sakaki: I'm not interested in Santoka.

Brandi: Why?

Sakaki: Sentimental, just sentimental, just himself, no society, no universe. He has no compassion for other animals, other beings. --See?... Just sentimental. But we need a sentimental poet too (laughs) We need many poets! All kinds of poets!


Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, it's like a geometric progression or something.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...


Well, funny how things work ... just got back from a poetry presentation for "lifelong learners" and I did 4 of Robert Hass's Issa translations, one being

Don't worry spiders,
I keep house

Me, too!


Charles ...

Marching into the sunset ... D