Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lilliput Review Back Issue: Homage

Cover by Guy R. Being

Today's featured back issue of Lilliput Review is #42, from March 1993. It was a rare theme issue: homage was that theme and, interestingly if my memory serves me well (it was 16 years ago), it was not an announced theme. It just came together that way. Enjoy.

Satie Revisited #14

if all goes
no one may be well ;
the worse,
the better, and if you see
any moment of light
it's like finding
in your midnight sherry
Harland Ristau

some one legged man
chained against the furnace wall

hell has no power over pagans
charlie mehrhoff

Ode to T. S. Eliot

I can see clearly now
the need to be cheerful
Carl Mayfield

Salvador Dali
I can imagine myself
Slumped over a counter
In a downtown diner,
But not in a Salvador Dali
T. N. Turner

Jesus Christ
w/ a good roof,
everything else
is rain rolling
Eric Williamson

And the quote that started the whole issue off:

"If Al Green had one tit, I'd marry the motherfucker." Miles Davis

Richard Houff's poem above is simultaneously a concrete poem and a found poem; his young son had done the image and he added the title. Without Miles Davis, or Al Green for that matter, there never would have been a world worth living in.

I still miss Harland Ristau, very much. This one's for you, bud.

in honor of the equinox
the hedge
turns green
translated by David Lanoue



Charles Gramlich said...

You actually remember things from 16 years ago? Dude, you are so my hero

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Charles - It's the 80's when things get fuzzy, then they clear back up in the 70's ...

Jim H. said...

The Mayfield last line is perfect. And I'd never heard that quote from M. Davis, which made me laugh out loud and startle some co-workers, making it even funnier.

Thanks again, Don, for putting all this good stuff out here!

Ed Baker said...


pre-computer there were transitive verbs

thy "dis:appeared some-time in the late 60's

when in-transitive verbs took over..

some time in the 80s's we all got Reagan's Alzheimer's and went


a transitive verb CAN TAKE (on)
two objects.... a direct one AND an indirect one...


I defer to memory for accuracy even if "it" is skewed...

it's "like Miles Davis on one side of The Verb and Bill Evans on tuther..

I think it (The Verb) was/is that album...


Geoff Schutt said...

Slightly off-topic, but I'm/we're enjoying the poems of the day at Twitter.

To the words, always -- both past and present. (and leading to future)

Geoff (and Eleanor)at "This Side of Paradise"