Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sharkey's Night: Issa's Sunday Service, #54

Laurie Anderson & Husband

Saturday June 5th was the birthday of avant-garde performance artist Laurie Anderson. There is a lot by Anderson that might find its way onto Issa's Sunday Service, but I've always been particularly fond of this little number, which was one of Mr. Burroughs's, Mr. William Burroughs that is, first forays into "mass media."

Paging Mr. Sharkey, white courtesy telephone please ...

And here is a special little treat:

As good as that performance is, it just is missing something without the big guy's voice. See here is another little oddity by Big Bill, called "Ah Pook."


This week's poem comes from the broadside spectacles of poverty, by scarecrow (Charlie Mehrhoff), published as Lilliput Review, #80, in June 1996. Additional poems from this broadside may be found in this earlier post.

each word a letter,
a mirror
held up to the soul.

or better: writing is the scratching
of ancient dust from mirrors.

(even the words of others
(part of your face.

Mister Monkey too
wears a funny face...
plum blossoms
translated by David G. Lanoue



Charles Gramlich said...

Ok, that last video was just incredible weird. I'm glad I didn't watch it late at night or I would have believed I was stoned despite smoking nothing.

Pablo Honey said...

I like very much. I Wonder if you speak spanish... maybe you´ll like to read me:

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Charles, perhaps that's when and how it was made.

Pablo, thanks, unfortunately I don't speak Spanish.

haasertime said...

Tengo que trabajar en la officina hoy.

Jim Haas

J said...

eh. los phantasmos... no tengan...duende

nada mas que......... basura

Anonymous said...

Nos divertimos aún?