Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Annie Brodrick & Kala Ramesh: Wednesday Haiku, Week 63

Photo by Skert

as it is above
nature of acquiescence
so it is below
     Annie Brodrick

 Photo by Mary K. Baird

holding the note
the way a cuckoo does . . .
first light

     Kala Ramesh

Artwork by Koryūsai Isoda

gobble up
my dawn dream...
     translated by David G. Lanoue


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Ed Baker said...

just Monday
I bought a "new" very similar to that in Isoda's painting
black tea pot and two white Japanese tea cups
(made in China) at the Value Village

I also got a metal whisk (to whisk the tea) &
a "new" pair of shorts very stylish only the button missing...

now, with a second tea cup, and something to wear, I am ready for a visitor... I hope that she is, alo, like the lady in the painting : 'dressed to the nines'

all of the above cost $2.50 (the tea pot lid has a chip
on it s lip ... perfect

like the rest of your today"s..

tom said...


Greg said...

two nice poems. great job picking the photos, they go perfectly with the haiku.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...


The perfect little chip, with time to sew a button, whisk tea ... and live.


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Thanks, Tom.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...


Thanks for the kind words - I do put in some time trying to dovetail work and image.


Ed Baker said...

yes that "perfect" flaw/chip in the tea pot
like the accidental splatter of paint (ink) on a sheet ...

gives an essence/meaning to this
Perfect Life that we live
that goes far beyond all of the Bull Shit that we are fed !
for a 'good' read go into Soetsu Yanagi's chapter:
The Beauty of Irregularity in his
The Unknown Crafstman

now ?
back into the process of
writing (my):
Poems Of An Urban Hermit
I think that that just might be the title;

not Perfect, but what is ?

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Like the worn marble steps, beveled in the middle after 125, at the main Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, who all walked there, the many souls - Cather, Wilson, old Andrew himself, the robber baron - and the poor, just trying to get by with a simple book and a little warmth.

I think of them everyday as I wear them down myself ... that little chip in the teacup ...