Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eric Burke & Rehn Kovacic: Wednesday Haiku, #120

Photo by jinxmcc

house painters --
the young walnut tree's
branches tied back

Eric Burke


 Art by Charles Livingston Bull

    the downpour—
         a mockingbird.

      Rehn Kovacic

Mockingbird (detail) by James Audubon

from his hole the snake
glances back...
corrupt world of desire
translated by David G. Lanoue


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1 comment:

Alan Summers said...

Gosh two more haiku from writers I'm not so familiar with, and I love to come across new writers or writers new to me within the haiku genre.

Eric Burke's haiku is simple but full of atmosphere where a reader can enfold a whole story to themselves. A mark of a fine haiku in my humble opinion.

Rehn Kovacic gives us the mockingbird as a gift, and together with the Audobon artwork I had forgotten how aggressive the bird could be. I'm reminded of the Willy Wagtail who can tackle Sparrowhawks and keep more than one Kookaburra at bay, as one did while I was Murray Maggie fledgling birds once.

An amazing bit of artwork from Audubon, and a simple haiku of rain and a mockingbird, magical.

Again, as always, I deeply thank Issa and David Lanoue for bringing fine hokku and other haikai verses (pre-haiku) to my table.

deepest gratitude,