Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Patrick Sweeney & Daryl Nielsen: Wednesday Haiku, #188

bone yellow moon
my father's teeth
outlived him

Patrick Sweeney

your living room
the hundred thousand miles

Daryl Nielsen

Photo by Ari Moore via foter

imitating others
hardening their teeth...
tofu for me
translated by David G. Lanoue


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Area 17 said...

Two great haiku, and a haikai verse from Issa, what more could we wish for. :-)

Terrific leading line of 'bone yellow moon' tying in with a father's set of teeth. Extraordinary power of imagery in this haiku.

Powerfully memorable also is the living room 100,000 miles away but never forgotten, defying space and time. A fine example that less really does us more.

Issa is on form again and in company of two fine haiku writers.

warm regards,

Alan, With Words

Bart said...

Alan says it well. These are excellent.

Ed Baker said...

there's an whole group of "artists" in Japan
carving tofu..... like, we at one time carved soap
because stones and the tools were too expensive

as a matter of fact... I did a piece ( in 2003) similar to that guy's tofu piece... I used "soap-stone"

wld 'tip' the image of it in here.... but can't figure out how to so do... how to extend the possibilities of what is done beyond what you leave us with.... is all that really counts...?

to "wake-up" some reader or viewer (via these posts, or any poetry or art).... to 'wake-upsome 'other' is, bottom line, what it's all about, eh ?