Thursday, April 8, 2010

Call for Submissions: Miriam's Well

One of my favorite small press poets, whose work I've been reading and admiring for well over 20 years, Miriam Sagan, has her own relatively new blog and is looking for submissions of material. Here's some details:

Miriam's Well ( is
looking for submissions of poetry and prose and art,
particularly in the categories listed in the blog, such
as Baba Yaga, birds, glass, etc. etc. I'm also looking to
interview published poets, and for guest bloggers,
ideas, text, images, and news!

Come visit.

In addition, Miriam tells me she is "also looking for haiku/tanka and little posts on writer's favorite places to write..."


Pictured above is the 10th chapbook in the Modest Proposal Chapbook series, entitled The Future Tense of Ash. "Reading Chiyou -Ni ..." is one of 5 longish poems, centering around the poet's mood and feelings after the death of a husband. This remembers one of the finest haiku poets of all time. A nice selection of Chiyou-Ni's work may be found here. Miriam's chapbook is still available via Lilliput at the chapbook page for $3, postpaid.

Reading Chiyo-Ni, 1703-1775, Japanese Women Haikuist
-all night I quarrel with you in my dreams
-Reading Chiyo-Ni, 1703-1775, Japanese Women Haikuist
-all night I quarrel with you in my dreams
-the child who wants to return to the sea
-the mother who wants to keep her
-in Edo Japan, widows, whores and nuns write haiku
-a path through oak trees, or the way of the tao
-day three on the tramp steamer she ran out of things to read
-we went to see the volcano's steam vents despite the rain
-holding up one black umbrella
-a butter-colored cat I had never seen before stalking the
--------perimeter of the field
-nail shell broken on the sidewalk
-my daughter woke and interrupted my handwriting
-statue of the famous woman poet stands facing the New England
-each button cast in bronze
-a notion of impermanence, an actual alteration of the shoreline
-monuments to the dead whose names meant nothing to us
-in the town square, or on marble tombstones obscured by moss
-you could count seventeen syllables your whole life
-you could try to follow the mind
-you could see instead
-a falling down barn and house
-field of Queen Anne's lace
-orange butterfly
-you could ...
Miriam Sagan

And from master Issa:

gobble up
my dawn dream...
translated by David G. Lanoue


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