Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rachel Sutcliffe & dan smith: Wednesday Haiku

Photo by bkornprobst

divorce proceedings
the lawyer calls me
Rachel Sutcliffe

Photo from Back Garden Moths


 .. but see how the moth
with singed antennae
bathes in light

dan smith

 Photo by Ross

why is playing
with fire such fun...
tiger moth?
 translated by David G. Lanoue 


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Charles Gramlich said...

what a pleasure it is to burn.

a green bruise said...

well done, Rachel!

Theresa Williams said...

I don't remember seeing that one by Issa before.

AxoDom said...

Thanks Dan.
Shared the "moth" one on our little "Amis de la poésie, bonjour" FB Group with french translation :

Mais vois comme une mite
avec ses antennes roussies
se baigne dans la lumière.
Dan Smith
(Trad. AxoDom)

Anonymous said...

I second Charles's comment. Also, heartwarming to see a photographic image of a public phone. Do they still exist? Thanks, Donna

Anonymous said...

I like that one, Rachel. Unexpected L3.