Sunday, February 17, 2013

Waiting for the Sun: Issa's Sunday Service, #158

Detail from Orvieto Cathedral

Waiting for the Sun by The Doors on Grooveshark
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This week's programming is courtesy of the shuffle mode on my mp3 player. "Waiting for the Sun", by the Doors, this week's Sunday selection (note the reference to Eden in the first line) is exactly what we all seem to be doing in February in the Western Hemisphere, particularly those of us who live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

So, this song brought a smile to my face as I negotiated the grey enshrouded back alleys of Bloomfield, Pittsburgh's Little Italy, alleys in which some formidable vegetables will be making themselves known a few mere months from now.

Oddly enough, the song segued into a reading of a poem by Gerald Stern, his "(I Would Call It) Derangement." The promise of the sun seems to have come to fruition in this, another lovely poem by one of America's loveliest poets.

Gerald Stern and Jack Gilbert

I Would Call It Derangement by Heather McHugh & Gerald Stern on Grooveshark
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Back in the early 70s, the Byrds had one helluva a touring band - I know, I had the honor to see the Clarence White (in full leg cast) version of the Byrds. This popped up right after Mr. Stern and, somehow, it just seemed so right. I remember the Byrds closing their set with this song, captured well in this version recorded in Royal Albert Hall in 1971. An beautiful rendition, especially by a 'rock' band.

So, hopefully, there are a couple of hints of spring, along with the couple of bits of crocus heads that I've seen popping up here and there during my perambulations.

Photo by Denis Collette

at the sound of the sunset
translated by David G. Lanoue


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Charles Gramlich said...

Been a while since I heard that one.

Charles Gramlich said...

The Door's song that is. Haven't heard the other before.