Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Elizabeth S. Lamb & Arvinder Kaur: Wednesday Haiku, #136

Photo by Vizu

talk of UFOs--
at a nearby table a diner

Elizabeth S. Lamb


Photo by las-initially

father's spectacles
on the dusty side table--
an unsolved crossword

Arvinder Kaur

Artwork by Hokusai

old pine--
my own life's autumn
fills my eyes

translated by David G. Lanoue

* Special thanks to Miriam Sagan for sending along the Elizabeth Lamb haiku and securing permission.


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P K Padhy said... unsolved crossword unveils a lot of poetic images.It is a creative haiku that reminds the reader to visit time and again. Congratulations Arvinder!


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Thanks so much for reading, P.K.