Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yesha Shah & Sneha Mojumdar: Wednesday Haiku, #205

Photo by Kate Ter Haar

wind blown drizzle-
each bead on the clothes line
a full moon
Yesha Shah

Photo by Lorenzo Scheda

windy day…
the pages turn
to the last line
Sneha Mojumdar 

Artwork by Utagawa Hiroshige (via Brooklyn Museum)

shining up
the evening moon...
autumn wind 
trans. by David G. Lanoue


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Anonymous said...

I can hear the musical triad - nice

P K Padhy said...

Haiku written by Yesha and Sneha are very beautiful.Yesha explores in telescopic style by comparing water drops on the clothes line with the distant moon.
Sneha could unfold the happening in a windy day by expressing a dynamic occurrence reaching to the last line.An innovative way of arranging the words!The art work by Lorenzo and Utagawa are worth praising.

Bart said...

Ah, the power of the wind!

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Cheers, Anonymous.

PK, Well-observed, all around.

Bart, The wind!!


_kala said...

Thanks a ton, Don for picking up one of my students' haiku. Sneha (15 years) studying in Sanskriti School Delhi, wrote this haiku in the haiku workshop I had conducted in December 2014.

The minute Sneha read it out I said it was beautiful. Don, Sneha is so happy her haiku is chosen and published in such a grand way!

Yesha, you've got a good one here too!


Anonymous said...

A wonderful blog to explore beautoful moments through well written haiku.
Well written Sneha and Yesha.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...


My very best to Sneha ... a deep bow from me to honor a spirit that cuts so quickly to the essence.

And thank you for your wonderful work with your students, Kala. With this type of devotion, the future is assured.


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Anonymous ... thanks. Don

Ken Sawitri said...

I want to be one of your student, too, Kala!
Yes, it's a wonderful blog to explore beautiful moments through well written haiku.
Hugs to Sneha and Yesha.
Thanks, Don.

a deep bow,

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Cheers, Ken.