Saturday, November 29, 2008

ESP Experiment

Ok, I don't get it, but here it is, courtesy Ron Silliman:

The ESP Experiment

Really, I don't get it ...

Let me know how you do ... meanwhile, here's one from our patron.

My old age--
even facing a scarecrow
Issa translated by David Lanoue



Anonymous said...

I like this one the best!

but, what do EYE NOH!

I am guessing that all these 40+ "books" are computer generated?


I prefer High-Ron-U-Muss

amy said...

the second set of cards is completely different from the first set of cards.


Anonymous said...

Amy picked it in one. I was about to say the same thing: all of the original cards are gone, including, obviously, the card you memorised. But because you are focussing on YOUR card, you don't notice that all other cards are also gone ... :)

-- Glenn Cooper

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Ah, duh!

Time to go hide my head ... thanks Amy and Glenn ...


Greg Schwartz said...

that's pretty neat... took me a few times to figure it out.