Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Basho's New Robe


Via snail mail, one of my favorite small press poets, Bart Solarczyk, shared one his favorite Basho haiku

In my new robe
this morning --
someone else.
Basho translated by Lucien Stryk


Too good not to share ... thanks, Bart.

Oh, and about that family resemblance ...



Charles Gramlich said...

Ouch, that one's got a bite.

Greg Schwartz said...

yeah, that's a good one. pretty wry for Basho.

Ed Baker said...

just don't grow old and change things!

last year
I re:organized my library
today, I can't find a damn thing I know my
Views of Jeopardy
was next to The Complete Poems of CAVAFY!

I recall this poem from somewhere... c o o l

and the sense of play embraced! terrific