Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mitch Mitchell, R.I.P

One of the great understated and under appreciated rock drummers from the golden age, Mitch Mitchell, has died.

Along with B. J. Wilson of the first incarnation of Procol Harum, he is one of my personal favorites . Wrap your head around the following clip; I can assure you that when the first Hendrix lp, Are You Experienced, came out in '67 and my best friend put it on the stereo in his basement, the world was transformed. Mitch Mitchell was a big part of that transformation.

Here he is live, surely at one of the creative peaks of his career. The drumming is simply incredible.

Rest in peace,


Ed Baker said...

OH MY youth! 1967-68

a was a "mere lad" of 27...

after Pharo Sanders, Ginger Baker (et all) Hendrix and THAT group opened the door for ALL Richards

with and without "inhaling"

mitch just a cpl years younger than me...

to have heard been in attendance to here and see these guys (and other "stuff" music, dance, poetry, art, etc with own eyes and mind)... how fortunate... especially in this day of instant/virtual (almost) every thing... and the poitics of it all...


my memories flashing...


Jim H. said...

Jimi was so cool, and he and Mitch were in a groove on that clip.

Guy on the maracas is hilarious.

Thanks for the post, Don.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sorry to hear this. Definitely some inspirational drumming.