Sunday, November 16, 2008

Short Poem Sunday

Here's an Issa haiku from Dew on the Grass: the Life and Poetry of Kobayashi Issa by Makoto Ueda:

this loneliness—
whichever way I look
wild violets

This Issa book is going for almost a hundred dollars on amazon, so I will be featuring haiku from it occasionally in future posts.

About time for a reprint, I'd say.



Ed Baker said...

AW MAN! thanks..

you know
another neat book Nanao's (trans's of) ISSA high-coos) INCH BY INCH
45 haiku by ISSA

Nanao notes:

"Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827) was born in Kashiwabara village, Shinano, Japan. His family members were middle class farmers and serious Buddhists of the Pure Land Sect. Most of the time he lived in Edo (old-time Tokyo), occasionally traveling as a vagabond poet, he lived a rather sad life.( etc)"

last I heard Nanao was (is?) in an assisted living place but that was two years ago...

looking forward to these ISSA poems...

Charles Gramlich said...

If it's going for that much then definitely time for a reprint.

Ed Baker said...

I wanna (also) suggest this "lttle" book

for inclusion in on-going

Near Perfect Books list..

Lisa said...

Oh, do I like this haiku. Thanks for posting it. The book is $127 at Powell's, but they're out of stock. Is the book out of print - is that why it's so expensive?

Greg Schwartz said...

that's a lot of money for one book, but if there's a poet worth paying that much for, it's definitely Issa.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Hey, Ed, thanks Inch by Inch is happily already on the list, which has grown to 170 titles.

Charles, I'm guessing it is such a small market that it might not be anytime soon, but here's hoping.

Lisa, I think the book originally retailed for about $60. The old law of supply and demand drives it up ... sigh.

Greg, I'll post the occasional poem from the book, which, not unlike Makoto Ueda's books on Basho, is a life and study.