Friday, November 14, 2008

Two Lyric Geniuses

It's Friday. Time to watch somebody else work for a change, pun intended. First, the incomparable John Coltrane, with Eric Dolphy:

Plus, Derek Walcott's sublime Forty Acres.



Greg Schwartz said...

like that coltrane!

Don - enjoyed your two haiku in the new bear creek. both have a definite Eastern flavor to them.

Charles Gramlich said...


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the earlier "Ed Baker Link". That was marvelous & quite interesting. Fascinating.

I too very much enjoyed your two haiku in the new "Bear Creek Haiku". I thought they very much complimented the five poems from the last two issues. Seven good poems now I've seen . . .

Greg's poem in the same BCH issue was very haunting I thought. A few weekends ago I was astounded by the number of Viet Nam veterans panhandling in front of the Art Institute in Chicago. Very sad. Greg's poem captured each one of them.


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Thanks for the kind words, folks, via bear creek.

Greg, you poem, as noted by Jeffrey, is very moving.

Wonder if Walcott will make the inaugural?

I found the article on Ed amazing, too - we communicate via email quite a bit. His energy, creativity, and enthusiasm is truly boundless.



Greg Schwartz said...

Jeffery and Don - thanks. i work down in Baltimore, and like you said Jeffery, it's sad to see all these men who fought for our country reduced to begging for food and spare change.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Yes, Greg ... it's just more of the same with today's newest veterans, I'm afraid we are creating a new generation of lost and damaged. It will be nice to the backside moving away of the guy who invokes patriotism to "support our troops" and cuts their benefits once the photo op/war machine pr is over ...