Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Michael O'Brien and Eve Luckring: Wednesday Haiku, Week 61

Photo by Gordon Parks
Climbing mast to spot mackerel school, Gloucester, MA, June 1943

dusk -
coated in sand
the mackerel’s last thrust
 Michael O'Brien

 Photo by mimicry

salamanders lost to sun on the lips of a dream
                         Eve Luckring


An interlude: the Gloucester fishermen conjure up Maximus himself, with a few under his belt and a thing or two to praise:

 And because sometimes the salamader does, indeed, dream:


Finally, because it is an unusual week, moon on the rise, Issa has taken some time off and Master Bashō steps in:

Octopus traps - 
summer’s moonspun dreams, 
soon ended


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Bart said...

Enjoyed both haiku. Always a treat to hear Olson read. Gloucester is a great town.

Alan Summers said...

Wonderful page, and a sheer delight. Thank you.


Ed Baker said...

both mackerel & haddock inin the wild pretty much fished out...

several high-end groceries (Whole foods, etc)
no longer going to sell these (and about 4 other) fish.

love! the expression on his face as that stone girl pulls his beard....
ahh, the life of a cave-dwelling hermit
has it s pleasures....

for CO reading: I have both tapes of that famous
1965 reading

-the class-room lecture was turned into a little book...

drop by we can play it ( about 6 hours of Shear Olson performing...) and tap into one of our now ready kegs of home brew ..

Bart said...

I'd love to see those tapes. Olson fascinates me. After spending some time in Gloucester I found myself drawn to his work. I was there for the Festival of St. Peter. The fishermen honoring their patron saint, Portugese & Italian food, the greasy pole competition. Word has it if you win that event you won't have to pay for a drink in any bar in Gloucester until the next year's festival.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...


Yes, wonderful stuff.

Thanks, Alan. Glad you liked.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Thanks for the invite, Ed. One of these days some home brew, the Baker studio and some good times.

Charles Gramlich said...

Love those statues.