Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A German Near Perfect Poetry List ...

Funny, how ideas catch on. Through a Technorati link, I found this


A list of 50 20th century "near perfect" books of German poetry published since 1900 from Dialog International, with a tip of the hat to Lilliput/Issa's Untidy Hut for the idea.

If you read German poetry and don't see a poet on the list you think should be, send along a recommendation. I did. They are on a hunt for 100 titles.

The First Flowers
Beside the brook
Toward the willows
During these days
So many yellow flowers have opened
Their eyes into gold.
I have long since lost my innocence, yet a memory
Touches my depth, the golden hours of morning,
And gazes brilliantly upon me out of the eyes of flowers.
I was going to pick flowers;
Now I leave them all standing
And walk home, an old man.
translated by James Wright



Greg said...

Don, congrats on having an international influence! it's pretty cool how ideas catch on sometimes. the list of near perfect books of poetry is definitely a good one.

Art and Poetry said...

Its a nice poem!

Charles Gramlich said...

"opened their eyes into gold." Wow. that a nice visual.

Yeah, cool about the German version of the poetry list. Gotta love when things like that happen.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Greg, N, & Charles, glad you liked the poem and it is great that there will be another "Near Perfect" list of poems out there. Charles, that "opened their eyes into gold" is the line that grabbed me, too.