Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gimme Some Truth: Issa's Sunday Service, #157

The Lennonos by Jack Mitchell

The solo career of John Lennon was a marvel. No matter how much one thought in terms of marketing and smoke and mirrors (it is, after all, rock and roll, and John was one of the most savvy of rockers), one got the sense of watching an artist grow in public, personally as well as artistically.

Thank you, Yoko.

This song goes right to the heart of where the personal and communal converge - put succinctly it's stop the bullshit, stop the bullshit.

Thank you, John. 

The literature connection in this one is John's referencing the old English nursery rhyme "Old Mother Hubbard."  Fittingly, the book in which it was published, The Comic Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog, was believed by many to be political satire though of what is still a question for the ages.  

And, finally, just in case the youtube video above disappears into the ether, here is Jakob Dylan and Dhani Harrison in pursuit of the same old truth: 

Gimme Some Truth by Jakob Dylan Feat. Dhani Harrison on Grooveshark 

a dog rolling
in the highway...
a long day
translated by David G. Lanoue



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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists. I second the "thank you" to Yoko, who gave John so much happiness and who helped him grow as an artist and as a human being. - Mark

Charles Gramlich said...

He definitely had a catch tune style.