Sunday, July 14, 2013

Burroughs: Issa's Sunday Service, #170

Burroughs by Chelsea Light Moving on Grooveshark 
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A number of weeks back, I promised a return to the new, self-titled debut album, Chelsea Light Moving, so here we are. The CD arrived in the mail, it's over on the Samsung now and it is quite remarkable. 

"Burroughs" was the song promised and it can be heard above and 'seen' below. The clip contains some historic footage, presented with quick cut and paste ('cut up style') lyric whimsy, and so is historic on its own terms. 
And, a little confirmation that Chelsea Light Moving is the real deal, try this live rendition on for size - it seriously rocks: 

Reputedly, or at least in the last entry in Last Words: The Final Journals, here is Bill Burroughs final words:
“There is no final enough of wisdom, experience- any fucking thing. No Holy Grail, No Final Satori, no solution. Just conflict.

Only thing that can resolve conflict is love, like I felt for Fletch and Ruski, Spooner, and Calico. Pure love. What I feel for my cats past and present.

Love? What is it?
Most natural painkiller what there is.

Photo by storrao

cats yowling
separated by a wall--
tragic lovers
translated by David G. Lanoue


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Ed Baker said...
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Ed Baker said...
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Ed Baker said...

I korected two or six major spelling errors

in those days The City was SOME place. & a bit, for me, scarry-as-hell. .. another central 'player'
was Frank O'Hara… maybe a few years earlier than the Beats but still:

just diving into The Complete Frank O'Hara
I now think that I am old enough to handle (things) on my
own: and, it, seems, to, me as you via Burroughs mentions "love" :

to whom else do we write (poems) to / about
or paint or sing to but our own loves-lovers-phantasies ....memories of ;
without these..... where would we be ?

the main guy re; the Beat/Lit 'scene' : HUNCKE
check out one of the films that he made near the end of his life:


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Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Glad you liked the one, Cherie. Don