Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ed Baker: Full Moon Pointing

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Last week, Ed Baker, poet, artist, and raconteur of the first degree, responded to the Robert Hass/Bashō post with some nifty "finger pointing" at the moon artwork which I thought I'd share. Here's a little shrine's worth. Be sure to click on the images to read all the short work that accompanies the art, fine examples as they are of haiga.  Enjoy.

Cover image for the premier issues of  moonset, 2005


hazy moon in the pine--
passing through
passing through
translated by David G. Lanoue



Frank Parker said...

I love these, Ed! Gorgeous work. Thanks for bringing these to us, Don.

Charles Gramlich said...

Waiting for the moon
to light the way
a walk in the dark

Great illos.

Anonymous said...

full moon
nice work if you
can get it

ktw for eb

Anonymous said...

and a song to go along with the full moon ku for ed--


Anonymous said...

Actually I saw him do this piece

and many others
here in D>C. at
a club that I used to frequent in the 60's:

The Sowboat Lounge.

also saw him in late 50's playing on bills
with the likes of..

Ertha Kitt , Mose Alison, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.

Miles Davis also "popped" in and played at the Showboat Lounge...

usually showed up for his scheduled sets way late...

was in Paris late in 1969
on the way back from Greece... may have been there when he did this...

have never ever seen these Jazz Giants with any sheet music ... I wonder if they could, in fact, read any scores?

so being able to do probably would have screwed up their spontaneous rhythms..

thanks for the link ktw lots of other "stuff" to "dig" via

and no
con dios
to 'write home about'


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Thanks Frank and Charles, tenzing and Ed ...

Monk is always welcome ...

Curtis Faville said...

I like Ed Baker a lot.

I'm tired, though, of fourth-rate second-hand Chinese moon haiku.

Can't we think of anything more original?

Anonymous said...


Stone Girl E-Pic is coming ...

so like-it-or-not
you can critic-size away

you won't hurt either her feelings
or mine

we are both "rock solid"
and like Green Cheese... edible!


Issa's Untidy Hut said...


Thanks for reading - we agree in liking Ed Baker a lot ...


Good to hear about Stone Girl E-Pic. I'll be looking forward to it and more of those beautiful moon haiku.