Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gimme Some Truth: Issa's Sunday Service, #129

It may seem that this selection for the Sunday Service is more of a reflection of the current state of things than a song with a literary allusion and all I can say is nobody is gonna "Mother Hubbard, soft soap" me, this late February Sunday morning.

Beatles songs, Van Morrison songs and any number of other well-known artists have been conspicuously absent from early on at the Sunday Service because of copyright issues. I've refrained from the youtube route but have decided to deviate in this instance because I just needed to hear this one.

To balance out the karma, from the other end of things (with a tip of the hat to Mr. Clark from Beyond the Pale) here's a little something to warm the heart (Doc Cheatham - Someday You'll Be Sorry):

And this one's for John, again in the interest of balance - as angry as he could be, compassion, too, was a strong suit:

And one for John's Mom, done by son Sean, which recalls in the lyrics, a little something by Issa (haiku at bottom of linked post):

Julia by Sean Lennon on Grooveshark


speaking truth
the rainy season's crack
of thunder
translated by David G. Lanoue


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Ed Baker said...

where's my ear-phones ?
zounds running round my brain
as if it were just-now yesterday

just got my hands on a set of Sony MDR-V^

Headphones gonna re-listen to this and then those 10,000 Beatles' pieces... make a Clean Sweep through:




(p.s. yes, i get two email notices from you duplicates..
about the only emails I get ! Sometimes
I wonder

if this free email service is worth the

Ed Baker said...

pee est

just through headphones listened/watched
Gimme Some Truth

Yoko still beautiful :

click numbers below images, here:

now? music / poetry / what's being Pro-duced

just about everything (now) homogenized
nauseum !

snowbird said...

I wonder if I could get away with spending the day in replay???? Thanks, Don... I needed that!

TC said...


I hope John enjoyed Doc's classic work here as much as I did!

Many thanks from the grateful flock to the ever generous Pastor.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Ed, fixed you up, no more dups, good luck with that free email thing.

Just gimme some truth ...

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Cheers, indeed, to Yoko, Ed.

Still and always very beautiful, indeed.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...


Every time I see (and hear) Doc, it's another day worth putting one foot after the other, creaky knees and all!

So glad you liked ...

Charles Gramlich said...

this takes me back a little ways. :)

Ed Baker said...

I got through the first side of REVOLVER
then .... moved on...

got a bit tiresome those clever lyrics and the three chords over&over&over
again much prefer the noises of the day.... horns, sirens, birds-a-chatter- squirrels squirreling, gun-shots, screams, chain saws, the mailman's knock on the door "here's your mail today, Mr Baker. You o.k. ? :
35-50 mile per hour winds here
most of day
the chance music/sounds I prefer just
willy-nilly that:



strikes me.