Sunday, September 8, 2013

End of Summer Sunday Seranade

How I'll Miss You When Summer Is Gone by Hal Kemp & His Orchestra on Grooveshark
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Here's a little something to end the week with, or begin the week with (or end a season with, or begin a season with). One of my favorite little hot/sweet bands, Hal Kemp and His Orchestra, with my favorite of their tunes: How I'll Miss You When the Summer is Gone.

The vocal doesn't drop in until around the 2 minute mark and stick around to 2:40 'cause there's a modulation that will get the old rockin' chair rockin', grandpa. 

The regular Sunday Service should be back in two weeks ...  but Wednesday Haiku as usual. Since I'm prepping for a reading next week, the rest is seat of the pants.
Woodblock by Shibata Zeshin
looking at the mountain
looking at the sea...
autumn evening
translated by David G. Lanoue

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