Sunday, September 22, 2013

Walking on Hell's Roof: Issa's Sunday Service, #177

The Waco Brothers
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I never imagined that one of the rock song's featured on Issa's Sunday Service would be, well, based on an Issa poem, but here you go. The Waco Brothers have co-opted the title from a poem by the venerated Master Issa, though the spirit may not be quite the same. The lyrics provided tell the tale.

Still, hail the Waco Brothers! Something is decidedly better than nothing, particularly in a world where we are, indeed, walking on hell's roof gazing at flowers.


Walking on Hell's Roof

History is written by the winner
This is a loser’s song
I took this job in the summer
Never saw the winter rollin’ on
Never thought it would end in a second
A burned out smoking wreck
Expectations & ambitions
Were just a rope around my neck
Broke my back to earn a crust
Saw my dreams die in the dust
Now I’m walking on hell’s roof looking at the flowers

All in bloom, red yellow & blue
So sweet & true, nothing better to do
I’m not hiding come and find me
What am I doing, there’s no need to remind me
I’m walking on hell’s roof looking at the flowers
In the A to B & the miles per hour
Keeping out of reach of that higher power
Where the bees are buzzing in the April showers

The spoils belong to the victor
This is a consolation song
Your life is science fiction
A flash of light & you’ll be gone
No more trials & no more trouble
Bad luck & bursting bubbles
Walking on hell’s roof looking at the flowers x2

We’re not hiding come & find us
What are we doing there’s no need to remind us
Walking on hell’s roof…. (repeat


Photo by Marco Vianna

      In this world
we walk on the roof of hell,
      gazing at flowers. 

translated by Robert Hass 


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Michael Dylan Welch said...

Here's my own poetic take on the theme du jour:

Issa's Untidy Hut said...


Thanks so much for sending along the link to your Issa poem, which I enjoyed very much and which dovetails so nicely with today's post.