Friday, July 25, 2008

Brautigan Redux ...

Here's a quick update to yesterday's posting about Richard Brautigan and the film Tarpon, sent along by regular reader Walter from across the big pond. Check out the screenplay section of the Brautigan homepage:

There is a short excerpt from the film, plus some other footage. Don't miss the little 5 minute film of B. interviewing 5 year old Ellen about what she would like to see on an imaginary television.

And, of course, since we're here and talking films and Mr. B., the opportunity can't be passed up:

The Necessity of Appearing in Your Own Face

There are days when that is the last place
in the world where you want to be but you
have to be there, like a movie, because it
-----it features you.
Richard Brautigan
from Loading Mercury with a Pitchfork

Thanks again, Walter.



Greg said...

Never read much Brautigan but those are both great poems. Thanks!

Jim H. said...


Always nice to learn another piece of Brautigania.


Charles Gramlich said...

I like the little piece about "having to be there." I've felt like that before when it comes to teaching.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Greg and Jim, glad you liked the work. For Brautigan fans, I've linked up Jim's site, troutfishing in minnesota along the sidebar for some interesting posts with the B. tinge.

Charles, there is something dissociative about teaching, isn't there. Yet, it seems also to cut to the essence when something inside just takes over. B's poems always seem to worry those insight moments and some how get to the core with humor, love and sadness.