Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home I'll Never Be: Issa's Sunday Service, #26

This week was the anniversary of Jack Kerouac's death so for today's Issa's Sunday Service here is Tom Waits performing "Home I'll Never Be." The words are supposedly by Kerouac himself; I haven't been able to verify that except to say that it is everywhere on the net. If anyone knows the history of this particular piece, I'd appreciate it and will share it with readers. Meanwhile, enjoy the Waits performance.

In addition, here's the band Low Anthem performing "Home I'll Never Be," noting that it was recorded by Kerouac and comes from On The Road. Still, any further details would be appreciated.


This week's feature poems closed out Lilliput Review issue #39, way back in 1992. Hope something grabs you here.

we move in time with the wind's hands
swaying the greendesire ashleaf branches
the way our two bodies sway moonmaked
with the breeze rhythm learned
from watching the wind seduce the ash
christien gholson

Night in Akumal, Mexico
The sky has pulled its shade
down to the sea that now
caresses the shore like a
secret lover softly sighing
like a lullaby to which the
coconut trees sway a gentle
hula crickets sing their songs
to the stars and the hidden
insects dance about my porch
light like a coven it is quiet
now more quiet than a dream
more tranquil than nothing at all
Cheryl Townsend

My feet aren't working.
The clock is dead.
There's a new world coming:
beauty's headlights
blind us
from a distance.
Bart Solarcyzk

evening cicada--
a last loud song
to autumn
translated by David G. Lanoue



Ed Baker said...

you just might track something back/down via Anne Charters' bio... especially chapter

36 and the Notes & Sources

I got to San Miguel de Allende about 3 weeks after (1967 or 68) Neal Cassady was (..)

which is from me an off-blog story to tell yuh.

Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, I really liked that song. And it's not one I typically would have given a try to without your suggestion.