Friday, October 23, 2009

Lenore Kandel Gone

Lenore Kandel has died. More on this in a future post. Meanwhile, some info and and poems. And more info.

Here is To Fuck with Love Phase III.

And Issa, letting us all know how it is:

year's end--
the bell of my death place
tolls too
translated by David G. Lanoue




Ed Baker said...

what else but an
'holy erotica' eh?

there is/was a group of Women "Beats" ( connected to The Beat Men Poets at-the-hips/ribs/and hearts

who remain "Goddesses of Fertility"

Lenore my favorite...

central figure in our BerkelyBrandAmericanZin-ism

Charles Gramlich said...

Sorry to hear about Lenore Kandel. I'm off to check out the link.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...


Hope you like - as Ed says, holy erotica ... Don

Ed Baker said...

here is a neat article..

I think a lot of the Women Beat s "stuff" is here, in the University of Md.'s library..


as I recall Lenore was very close to Lew Welsh... et al!

Ed Baker said...

scroll down here is a picture of Lenore Kandel w Tim Leary 1967

I graduated U of Md in 1967 skipped the graduation ceremony
that was The Summer of Love

just after this Human-Be-In
in Golden Gate Park

not sure who Larry Keenan is/was... seems to be very close to Michael McClure and many many others..

check out his images w McClure's poems further down..

Ed Baker said...


I forgot the link! silly me.

keep klickining the arrow at bottom of each page.. until you get ...
well, to the end,, and,
hopefully be:yond.

Charles Shere said...

Lenore Kandel's obituary ran across the top of a page of the San Francisco Chronicle; the lower left quarter of the page was devoted to a Viagra advertisement. I'm not sure. Do you think we're better off now?

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Excellent article, Ed, thanks.

If this is an implied choice from the Chronicle, Kandel or viagra, I'm ever so yesterday. Thanks, Charles, I'll check out the obit.