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Caravan (Utopia): Issa's Sunday Service, #139

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Well, this is an odd bit of business, as are many of the songs which find there way on to the Sunday Service. Utopia's song, Caravan, was something of an FM hit back in the day; the idea of an FM is, of course today, nothing but a faded cultural artifact. The tune is very catchy (thanks, Mr. Rundgren), some might say to the point of annoyance. Let me simply note that there was a time when it was difficult not to hear this song on some progressive FM station.

Moses and Jesus bring the Bible as literature connection, but take a gander at these words. It is, indeed, a strange song. I'm wondering where the inspiration for it may have come from. While trying to research this, what did I discover but a song by Utopia called "Lysistrata."

Stay tuned.

Caravan - Utopia
Moses went into the desert
Moses came back with the law
Jesus went into the desert
God only knows what he saw
Hitch up your ass and your camel
Fill up your skin at the well
Roll up your tent, whisper your prayers
Are you ready to ride through hell

Caravan moving through the night
Sleeping in the light of day
Caravan spinning through the void
On our way to anywhere
Caravan time is just a joke change is all we
Caravan life is a mirage,
Only a mirage dancing on the desert sand

How I recall all the mountains
How I remember the farm
Oh how I miss the big city
With a pretty girl on my arm
Sell my best friend for some water
Cut off my leg for some shade
Sun burn these thoughts from my memory
If I live I will be remade

The sand is like a razor
Slashing at my face
Everyone’s in panic but you can’t see any place
It’s a sand storm, taken by surprise
Hide beneath your wrappings and cover up your eyes

Well I lost my kit and camel
Maybe I will die
Feel so lost and helpless and I think I’m gonna cry
It’s a sand storm, nothing you can do
No one knows if it will last
No one knows if you will make it through

It’s been so long without water
Vultures are filling the air
Where is that bloody oasis
Must be around here somewhere
Time for some strong meditation
Time for the ultimate change
Time to make peace with your maker
Everything has been prearranged

Of course, there's that other "Caravan" song by what's his name:

A final note on Mr. Rundgren: his high end shenanigans are balanced nicely by this little tune from his album, The Tortured Artist Effect, which has tortured more than artist-types for decades now.


is the woodpecker
stopping to listen too?
evening's wooden drum
translated by David G. Lanoue


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Not normally what I listen to but that's pretty catchy.

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Glad you liked, Charles.

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