Sunday, May 4, 2008

Anne LB Davidson, Brooks Books, Issa and the Updated Sidebar

Just a brief Sunday afternoon, midweek (for this blog anyway) post, with a couple of notes of interest. I've spent some time working on the content of the sidebar of the blog, particularly in the area of poetry and magazines sites. In addition, I've broken out a couple of new categories to make it easier to focus on. So, if you are looking for some new, interesting material or new markets for your work, check out the sidebar below on the right.

While doing this, I ran across an online poetry/photography book by Anne LB Davidson entitled Sky in My Teacup. Put out by the always excellent Brooks Books, it contains a reprint of a poem that originally appeared in Lillie:

on the phone
my daughter and I
watch different sunsets

Click on the first line of the poem to see an example of how beautifully the work has been presented. Of course the whole book is accessible through the
Sky in My Teacup link.

Finally, here is an Issa poem translated by David Lanoue that's just a beauty:

lilies blooming
without supervision...

best until Thursday,

PS The
the free subscription offer (6 issues) is still good until Thursday. Looking for the poetry book that you think is just perfect or nearly so. Click on the offer for details at the bottom of post it connects to.

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