Saturday, March 6, 2010

Call for Submissions: Lost Hills Books

Back in January of '09, I did a review of a wonderful James Wright tribute collection published by Lost Hills Books, entitled From The Other World. I was contacted last week by Stephani Schaefer from Lost Hills about a Call for Submissions they were putting out. Turns out they hadn't even seen the review (and liked it when they did) but, since I know Stephani as a Lilliput subscriber, she made the connection. I promised I would pass this call on to folks who read the blog. Guidelines follow, with the 6 photos following them (you'll get it once you read the guidelines).

Following the photos are three poems to round out a healthy, nutritious post.



Lost Hills Books is seeking work written in response
to the six photos attached below. We are looking for
variety: free verse, forms, prose poems, and mini-
stories. You may write to a blend of more than one
image, or respond to photos separately, and you may
send more than one piece to one photo. If the work
opens out to something beyond the photo in front of
you it's more likely to be accepted.


Create a new email and address it to

steph AT chiconet dot com (spelled out to avoid bots)

Put your title(s) in the subject line.

Include a brief bio if you like, or wait to send it
and your mailing address after work is accepted.

Tell us the photo (or photos if it's a blend) that
prompted the work.

We can use poems up to two pages and stories up
to four. Put the title and your name on each page.

You may submit up to 6 pieces, one at a time as
you finish them, or several with one email.

If you prefer to send one at a time, you can attach
it as a word document or paste it into the body of
the email.

When sending several with one email, please attach
each as a separate word document named with the
work's title.

Snail mail is acceptable if it's your only option. Email
me and we'll discuss how to handle it.


DEADLINE for submissions is June 1st. Final
responses will be sent out no later than September 1st.

Contributors will receive one free copy and a 50%
discount on extra copies.

Stephani Schaefer, Lost Hills Books


Roadside Marker

Fog and Woodsmoke

Pavement Ends

Blackbirds at Dusk


Flooded Road


I ran across this Lorine Niedecker poem the other day, it'd been years since I last read it. It certainly could serve as a motto around these parts, so I thought I'd share it:

Poet's Work

---advised me:
-----Learn a trade

I learned
---to sit at desk
-----and condense

No layoffs
---from this
Lorine Niedecker

And this little beauty by Richard Wright:

--------I am paying rent
For the lice in my cold room
--------And the moonlight too.
Richard Wright

And, at least for tonight, a companion for Mr. Wright:

by the next room's lamplight
eating my rice...
a cold night
translated David G. Lanoue



Totalfeckineejit said...

Interesting submission call, will have a go.May even set it as a task on my blogs weekly Poetry Bus assignments.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Alright, TFJ ... pass the word ...

Charles Gramlich said...

Beautiful and evocative photos. I my have to give this one some thought.