Saturday, April 30, 2011

Visual Poetry and a Little Something Called the USB Typewriter

This morning Ed Baker sent along a note about visual poetry with a link to a post by Geoff Huff on creating visual poetics via the old school typewriter, entitled "Typewrought".

This reminded me of a little something I ran across this week on a USB typewriter.  Enjoy.

a long day--
the eel catcher writes pictures
on the water
translated by David G. Lanoue


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1 comment:

Ed Baker said...

WOWOW ! & what I deleted from Geof's comment place was something about that his piece reminded me of me playing with my typewriter playing with myself 35 + years ago 1970 which produced this

that Factsimile Press produced as a paper "thing" in an edition of 100 copies in 2009 !

that typewriter in the video looks like the portable version of my Underwood 5

I found on the net a Bodoni type font that looks & feel just like what that elite font was on my Underwood so I (etc etc etc etc)

My old Underwood got pretty banked up by my kids ... and has since rusted "shut"

a damn shame as she was My Erotic Typewriter and Companion

I got my new typewriter a 1940's Royal gray steel upright but she just ain't the same, warm, cute, Oriental "girl" that I ... celebrate

anyway... thanks this old-plugged-into-the-new via a circuit-board and cable is COOL ! will run this by my Tech People

but, I telling you the truth...I am tending towards going from here-to-there & not going (in noh way) from here-to-there ...

nor imitating ad nausea-um myself or anboddhi else-is