Monday, February 16, 2009

Jack Micheline, One of a Kind

Back cover: One of a Kind

Here's a little something from the most recent collection of Jack Micheline's work, One of a Kind, from Ugly Duckling Presse, with original spellings retained:

Intercommunication Satellite 1

Dear Charles:

---------------I have come to come to a decision, about
freedom and responsibility, about loneliness and curiosity
about greed and more greed. About America and its des-
tiny, about dreams and fantasy, about cats and dogs, about
love and hate, about history and demagogues, about mass
murderers and comic relief, about desire and the fulfillment
of a lifetime is predestined before our birth; do not judge, do
not judge, do not judge, do not judge, and let me be, I did not
seek fame, I did not seek money, I only sought to con-quer
the unknown, the vast territories of the unexplored mind.
No one gives a shit for the artist, Power is respected.
--------------------------I deal in color and truth
--------------------------I deal in unknown quantities
--------------------------I deal in the zodiac
--------------------------I deal in preson and prisms
--------------------------I deal in shit kicking
--------------------------I deal in fear
--------------------------Knowing that fear runs the
--------------------------wheel of the world
--------------------------I cannot deal with cunning
-------------------------------------con men
-------------------------------------and cliques
-------------------------------------I can only be me
-------------------------------------I can only be
-------------------------------------That is all I can do
-------------------------------------The best I know how
-------------------------------------That is all I can be
----------------Be patient
----------------It is all coming
----------------in its own time
----------------The rainbow of colors in the night
----------------The rainbow of my dreams
----------------Be patient
----------------It is coming like the sun
----------------in a dark cold day
----------------like a hot iron and a forge
----------------Each being is a different species
----------------There is no two fish alike
----------------You turn the knob on the clown
----------------Not on me, The fishtank of your childhood
----------------disturbs me throw the fishtank away and dance
----------------in the street, My car is not in your driveway
----------------Love the crazy Jew
----------------Keep the faith
----------------Keep the faith
----------------Laugh in your belly
----------------Smile brother it is just beginning
--------------------------------------Farewell—Jack Micheline



Anonymous said...

OH MAN....

This Ragged Lion

Harvey Silver (I think "they"
spelled it Silvar)(rather than how my Uncle Al Silver, Harvey's dad's brother.. my grandmother's sister Ant Ida married Al so in some time 1950 we had a family reunion we had them once a moth... lots of cousins here in I am standing next to Uncle Al and see this 'character' over there..

"Who's that?"

"That's your crazy cousin teh poet"

anyway... just between you and me (don't tell any-one) I ain't really crazy. and neither was Jack Micheline.

thanks for this will track thiis..


Charles Gramlich said...

Patience is the hardest thing to have. I wish I had more.

Ed Baker said...

pee est..

this is a very necessary piece to read/absorb/adopt

on my wall W A I T

good advice from David Giannini

I could say mor... however a Buddha Beer awats..